Elements: water: day one

This is my participation to elements: water: day one organized by Shari.
As I could not make up my mind choosing only one picture I made a mosaic.

From left to right up to down
1/ Ouzoud waterfall - Morocco
2/ Morgiou creek - France
3/ Lisboa-Portugal
4/ La Fortuna waterfall-Costa Rica
5/ Snowflakes - Grenoble- France
6/ Mountain stream - Fuenfría- Madrid
7/ ice- Grenoble- France
8/ Aquarium- San Sebastian - Spain
9/ oil & dirt marbling- Covadonga lake - Spain


Di said...

I love your mosaic! Showing water in all it's glory!! Looking forward to earth!

annie said...

amazing photos for our water element...via shari...it's so powerful.

platinum blonde said...


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